Freedom to use the equity in your home however you choose.

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8.50% APR Variable Rate1

    • Borrow up to 89% of your home’s appraised value
    • Freedom to Lock-In up to Three Loans
    • 20 year term; 10 year draw period with interest only due monthly, and 10 year repayment period with principal and interest due monthly

    • Easy. 
      With the Freedom Home Line, you can borrow a master line of credit anywhere from $10,000 and above depending on the equity in your home. You can borrow up to 89% of the value of your home.
      Convenient. With the Freedom Home Line, you have the convenience of banking on your terms. Say you want to purchase a new car. Instead of applying for a car loan, you can simply transfer the money needed from your Freedom Home Line into your checking account and write a check,  use your debit card, or write a Line of Credit Check to pay for the car in full.
      Flexible. With the Freedom Home Line, you have a few options you can use to make managing your household budget easier. Take the new car you just purchased. If you want to fix the car portion of your master line, you can! If you want to take 10 years to pay it back, you can! The Freedom Home Line allows you the option to lock in part or all of the line of credit’s outstanding balance at a fixed rate, for up to three sub-loans.

  • 1Credit score greater than or equal to 700 required to receive prime rate. All lines require a minimum line of $10,000, maximum Loan to Value (LTV) is 89%. The regular variable rate will be based on The Wall Street Journal Prime rate, currently 8.50% as of 7/26/23, and may vary monthly. Prime rate requires a credit score greater than or equal to 700. Prime rate plus .50% for credit scores under 700; APR 9.00% as of 7/26/23. Standard underwriting criteria applies. Other rates and terms may be available. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 18% with a minimum floor APR of 8.50% for a credit score greater than or equal to 700, APR of 9.00% for credit scores under 700. This offer may change without notice. This Home Equity Line of Credit features the ability to lock a balance of the loan up to 3 times during the draw period.  Minimum lock amount is $5,000.  The current fee for each lock is $50. Lines are for personal, family, and household purposes. Property insurance is required. Property must be primary residence and located in the Susquehanna Community Bank service area. All loans are subject to credit approval. Susquehanna Community Bank NMLS# 455754.

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